ioMy name is Pietromassimo Pasqui and I was born in Rome in the late sixties. Since I was a teenager I started to love photography. After the digital revolution, since a couple of years, I started again to shoot in film.
What I love about film ? The chemical stuff, the phisical stuff, the durability.
Nowdays I still have several family photos from the early years of the last century. Every single frame is still readable and most of them are perfect, after more than 100 years of life. If the scope of photography is the memory, photography has to be analogue and made of silver.
In the last years my interest was captured by abandoned places (my pictures of abandoned places are on pigeoneyes.com) but, with film photography, I decided to dedicate a webspace to portrait my home town, Rome. A town with more than two millenniums of history. A unique place in the world.

I develope by myself all the films I use.